"A very comprehensive and high-level conference which offered expert and balanced views on energy developments in Suriname, providing best practices on production, local content and economic development in the country. The conference offered leads on how to sustainably invest in the energy sector in Suriname and harness revenues for inclusive development."

          Dr. Remi Piet, Co-Founder & Senior Partner, Embellie Advisory


"The summit provided valuable information relating to local content for the Oil, Gas and Energy industry in Suriname. I would strongly recommend companies or individuals that wish to learn more about the challenges and opportunities in the Oil, Gas and Energy sector to participate. Looking forward to SEOGS 2022."

          Daniel de Keyze, Business Development Manager, Consolidated Resources Suriname NV


"I did not want to miss this opportunity to congratulate you on the organization of the event. The talks were very interesting -I am still watching and analyzing them from the platform- and well done. I leave you my regards and I hope to hear from you again about this kind of events or webinars. Keep in touch."

          Juan María Duardo, Analista de Desarrollo de Negocios, TGN-Transportadora Gas del Norte


"Thank you for the delightful experience, knowledge gaining of the Oil & Gas industry. We hope to achieve a competitive advantage and growth and wellbeing to the Surinamese people to accommodate this Industry in our country Suriname!"

          Amrita Gopisingh, Manager Life Insurances, N.V. Surinaamse Assurantie Maatschappij Self Reliance


"Very skilled and professional organizers. I endorse the Woman Advance programme as an excellent initiative to connect and engage with aspiring women in the industry towards creating a more diverse and inclusive environment."

          Janine Jadnanansing, Commercial Director, Beta Group N.V.


"The personal guidance and support from the conference organizers was amazing and the sessions were expertly moderated and presented!"

          Henk Naarendorp, Founder & CEO, NANA Resources N.V & FILAB Suriname


"From the plethora of webinars and virtual conferences during COVID, SEOGS stands out for its value in featuring the right people on the right issues. Very valuable."

          Paul A. Schuler, Director - External Affairs Americas, Oil Spill Response


"As a speaker, I was approached online by several companies in Suriname and some Government Officials for support on their National Content initiatives, especially on joint ventures, and I am still supporting them."

          Jessica Kyeyune, National Content Specialist, Uganda National Oil Company


"I have attended many digital conferences and events recently. This has been one of the top one’s hands down. The platform was very easy to use, and the quality of talks, timekeeping and panels were great."

          Javed Razack, Vice President - Shared Services, Ramps Logistics Ltd.


"Participating in the O&G event has broadened our business in the way multinationals do business. It's a great way to connect with potential customers."

          Ewald Ons, Management Coordinator, Interfarm N.V.


"Great information and coordination of activities, given the challenges of the pandemic and virtual medium. The warmth of the Surinamese people are a cut above the rest."

          Daren Ragoonanan, Business Venture Manager, National Energy Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago


"Very well organized addressing the issues of importance to potential O&G investors."

          Tor Fjaeran, President, World Petroleum Council


"SEOGS is the platform to gain insight in Suriname O&G opportunities."

          Roy Shyamnarain, Tax Lawyer and Managing Director, Shyamnarain Associates N.V.


"It was one of the best organised conferences I have attended."

          Russell Boodoo, Business Development Manager, TOSL Engineering Limited